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Vicki with the Bill Payne advocacy award for 2012

Vicki was honored to be awarded the Bill Payne advocacy award in 2012

 Vicki Mulak with Pam Harris and Sharon Hilliard

Vicki with Pam Harris retiring EDD Director on her left and Sharon Hilliard on her right the Current Chief Deputy Director.  They are celebrating 20 years of SBEAC serving the community.

EDD SBEAC 20 Year Anniversary Group PhotoVicki is very honored to serve on the SBEAC comittee, and has for many years.  This is an opportunity not only for her to gain insight into our California government, but to give insight to them as to business and their struggles.  Especially as it relates to the EDD.  It is a chance to represent you the taxpayer and business before our government.  It is one reason she has been honored by many awards.  You can find more information about SBEAC here:

 Gary Anspach and Vicki Mulak receiving awards at CSEA Annual Meeting
Gary Anspach and Vicki Mulak celebrating after receiving awards at the Annual meeting of the California Society of Enrolled Agents.
Vicki Mulak and CSEA award
Vicki holds the Distinguished Service Award that was presented to her at the annual CSEA meeting in June of 2011.  Vicki has been actively participating in California legislation to help lower taxes for individuals and businesses.  She gives treamendous credit to her friends and colleagues.  Some of these include the Orange County Chapter of Enrolled Agents, NAEA, Lynn Freer of Spidell, and of course CSEA as well as her staff, who have helped free her up for research, writing, and speaking.
Jim Kuhl and Trista Gonzalez - BOE
Vicki Mulak responding to Jim Kuhl and Trista Gonzalez from the BOE at the
Taxpayer Liason Meeting.
Selvi Stanislaus with the FTB and Vicki Mulak
Selvi Stanislaus, Executive Officer of the Franchise Tax Board and Vicki Mulak 
at the Taxpayer Liason Meeting
Michele Ostby and Vicki Mulak
Michele Ostby and Vicki Mulak at the Taxpayer Liason Meeting


--All I knew is that we worked too hard and had no money in the checkbook. Thanks for showing us the trouble spots.

D.J. Corona, CA

--Thanks for showing us how to deduct our medical expenses from the business.

M.M. Mission Viejo, CA

--We spent thousands with those other “professionals” and got nowhere, but you got the job done for less. Thanks.

R.T., MD La Mirada, CA

--$7,000 worth of unexplained tax liabilities gone, how can we thank you enough?

K.S. Anaheim, CA

--I appreciate the comprehensive business solution, forward thinking, and integrity. I worry less in the management of my practice.


R.E., MD Tustin, CA